Women form a corner stone of the family.In taking up their responsibilities, they forget to take care of themselves.To visit a gynecologist annually is a common recommendation in the world of women’s health. However many have questions whether these visits are really necessary.

As the life span of woman is increasing , here are some reasons to keep up your annual appointments for a good health at different stages of life.

Adolescent and Young women(11-20 yrs )

Reproductive age Group( 20 -35 yrs )

Perimenopausal women( 35 – 45 yrs)

Post menopausal women(45yrs plus)

Hormonal changes:    An average women spends one 1/3 rd of her life in her menopause. This is the time where she feels different changes happening to her due to hormonal withdrawal  such as hot flushes, dry skin, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, ,urinary incontinence vaginal prolapse etc.

If these symptoms become more intense and effect your daily life talk to your gynecologist to rule out any underlying conditions and the need for HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPIES(HRT).

Cancers: bleeding or spotting in a postmenopausal women should be evaluated thoroughly to rule out cervical or endometrial cancers.

Any distention of abdomen to be evaluated to rule out ovarian cyst, fibroid or ovarian cancers.